Lowell Webster and Friends

There are 15 friends on this CD and and they all did a great job.: Rick Rediske, Lance Palma, Clayton Schutter, Aaron Denbow, Floyd Walker, Jim Scott, Linda Nachbar, Rick Clark, Terry Winright, Fred Matthews, Jim Crowell, Karen VanSlooten, Katelyn VerStrate, Ken Saum, Kevin Parker Thanks to all of you!

This CD is Country Gospel, with different styles that is each there own sound.

1. Castles in the Sand 2. What a Friend We Have in Jesus 3. I'll Meet You in the Morning 4. Just a Closer Walk with Thee 5. One More Valley 6. He Leadeth Me 7. Church in the Wildwood/Leaning on the Everlasting Arms 8. When Morning Comes 9. In the Garden 10. Life's Railway to Heaven

Songs on this CD

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YouTube Castles in the Sand - Lowell Webster Featuring Lance Palma with Clayton Schutter, Aaron Denbow
YouTube What a Friend We Have in Jesus - Lowell Webster Featuring Fred Matthews and Floyd Walker, Kevin Parker
YouTube I Will Meet You in the Morning - Lowell Webster Featuring Linda Nachbar with Terry Winright
YouTube Just a Closer Walk with Thee - Lowell Webster Featuring The Poor Boys Pride, Jim Crowell, Ken Saum, Rick Clark, Floyd Walker
YouTube One More Valley - Lowell Webster Featuring Lance Palma with Clayton Schutter, Rick Rediske
YouTube He Leadeth Me - Lowell Webster Featuring Katelyn VerStrate with Rick Rediske, Karen VanSlooten
YouTube Church In The Wildwood / Leaning On The Everlasting Arms - Rick Rediske, Jim Scott, Lowell Webster
YouTube When Morning Comes - Lowell Webster Featuring Linda Nachbar with Terry Winright
YouTube In The Garden - Rick Rediske, Jim Scott, Lowell Webster
YouTube Life's Railway to HeavenWhen Morning Comes - Lowell Webster Featuring Lancd Palma with Clayton Schutter, Rick Rediske, Aaron Denbow



Lowell Webster and Friends

Listed are 19 friends on this CD and all are fine musicians: Rick Rediske, Jim Scott, Jimmy Versluis, Fred Matthews, Bill Raven, Lori Bond, Jeff Bond, Hannah Clark, Rick Clark, Calista Doty, Jared Doty, Kasi Edwards, Ed Englerth, Melisa Johnson, James Jones, Mark Rawson, Andrew Sherwood, Katelyn VerStrate, Karen VanSlooten. Thanks to all of you!

This CD has songs from old classic style to rock. It has many kinds of instruments and is put together in unique ways and styles. Listen and enjoy.

1. O Come, All Ye Faithful 2. Mary and Joseph 3. Greensleeves 4. The Cradle Song - Away In A Manger 5. O Come, O Come Emmanuel 6. Silent Night 7. Angels We Have Heard On High 8. Advent Song 9. I Want To Go Home 10. He Is Born, The Devine Christ Child 11. Silent Night Boogie 12. Joy To The World 13. Mary Did You Know? 14. Simple Gifts 15. What Child Is This?


Word - Our Rock

This is the latest CD by Our Rock, it has 12 new original songs. You can by downloads and listen to samples to the right. - You can hear on iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, Rdio and most other streaming audio.

1. He Set Me Free (Fred Matthews) 2. Wonderful Words (Mark Rawson) 3. Come and See (Mark Rawson) 4. More Than a Man (Fred Matthews) 5. The Words You Said (Mark Rawson) 6. Your Word (Dane Olson) 7. Perfect Love (Fred Matthews) 8. I Have a Home (Fred Matthews) 9. Praise You (Mark Rawson) 10. Word of God (Mark Rawson) 11. Without You (Mark Rawson) 12. You Always Love Me (Fred Matthews, Bill Raven) All songs ASCAP


Poor Boys Pride - The Poor Boys Pride

The Poor Boys Pride began in 1966 and soon were a number one band in West Michigan. As time went on they covered Michigan before getting a booking agent and a promotion company. They were booked around the country and getting ready for a 3 month multiple city tour opening for top bands at the time. Then 2 members got drafted ----The End. In 1967 and 1968 The Poor Boy Pride released 2 records (45's) recorded at Fenton Records. These records had some airplay in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. They did some TV shows and had several other recordings to be released in the future. They still play music together and have recorded several songs over the years and will be releasing more songs later. The Poor Boys Pride are Rick Clark - Drums and Vocal, Jim Crowell - Guitar and Vocal, Ken Saum - Guitar and Vocal, Floyd Walker - Bass and vocal, Lowell Webster - Keyboard, Horn, and Vocal. There were never any other members at any time.

1. Soulride (Midwest Sound-1968) previously unreleased 2. But Yes Who Cares (Fenton 3060 - 1968) 3. I'm Here (Fenton 3060 - 1968) 4. Your Loves A Memory (Midwest Sound-1968) previously unreleased 5. Happiness Is (Midwest Sound-1968) previously unreleased 6. The Place (Fenton Swade 2524 - 1967) 7. Fall of a Town (Fenton Swade 2524 - 1967)



This CD is a mix of old classic songs and new songs. This has a range of styles from slow to fast, from bluegrass to modern praise songs. Katelyn has several great musicians playing on this CD, Karen VanSlooten , Rick Rediske, Lowell Webster, Jim Scott, Rick Clark, Jimmy Versluis, and George Zepik.

1. He Leadeth Me 2. All My Tears (Be Washed Away) 3. Paul and Peter Walked 4. I'll Fly Away 5. Because He Lives 6. Refiner's Fire 7. Grace Flows Down 8. Will The Circle Be Unbroken 9. Before The Throne of God 10. Amazing Grace 11. You Are My King (Amazing Love) 12. Silent Night


Our Rock II - Our Rock

These are digitally remastered songs that were originally released on cassette in the early 1990's. The musicians are Floyd Walker, Bill Raven, Lowell Webster, Jason Parmenter, James Jones, Fred Matthews, and Denny Jelltema. There are several standards and a couple of originals on this CD.

1. Because He Lives 2. Cornerstone 3. When The Roll 4. When The Saints 5. They'll Know We Are 6. Stand Up, Stand Up 7. Save Him Today 8. Do Lord 9. How Great Tho Art 10. Bringing In The Sheves


Back To The Basics Tour - Our Rock

"Back To The Basic Tour" has several good rock songs and others that make you think. Listen to the words. The song "Back To The Basics" was in the top 10 on the international MP3 charts in 2001. "Hells Fire" was in the top 40 a few months later. Artists are Bill Raven, Fred Matthews, Lowell Webster, Frankie Passorelli, and Mike Novak.


My Savior - Our Rock

These songs are a varity of blues, laid back listening, female punch, and good old rock-n-roll. Artists are Bill Raven, Keli Kempker, Fred Matthews, Lowell Webster, Dane Olson, and Troy Peterson.


Speak - Jeff and Lori Bond

This CD has 9 tracks: 6 are original songs, the other 3 are well known songs. All instruments and vocals are by Jeff & Lori Bond and Jim Fredrickson.

1. Psalm 23 2. Speak 3. Great is Thy Faithfullness 4. The Lord's Prayer 5. Don't Give up on Bill 6. Tell the Story 7. After the Arrest 8. Give Me Strength 9. How Great is Our God


Coins In His Pocket - Jeff and Lori Bond

There are 10 songs on this CD. All vocals are by Jeff & Lori Bond and Jim Fredrickson. Drums by Jim Fredrickson; Keys by Lori Bond; Bass by Chris Brown; Acoustic Guitar by Jeff Bond; Electric Guitar and Mandolin by Rick Rediske.

1. And Can it Be 2. Ascribe to the Lord 3. Coins in His Pocket 4. In This Communion 5. Jesus Can Heal 6. Any Kind of Day 7. Rejoice, the Lord is King 8. Yet I Will Praise You 9. Come All Who Are Weary 10. A Song About Nothing


Utopia - Theresa Griffith

Very soothing. C flute and Kiowa Love Flute (Native American Indian). With Harp, piano, guitar and string accompaniments. 60 min. 1998 CD


Pure Light - Theresa Griffith

Original recording done in Michigan at the White River Lighthouse. Additional recording & mixing done in California, Ireland and Australia. Theresa's unique Flutes, Celtic Lap Harp, Bagpipes, Irish Fiddle, Mandolin, Irish Low Whistle, Piano, Harp, Guitar, Digeridoo and Conch Shell.


Spirit Dance - Theresa Griffith

Features bass flute, C flute, dove flute, (North American Indian) and penny whistle. Piano, cello, guitar and vocal accompaniments. 63 minutes 1999 CD.


Somebody Cares - Theresa Griffith

Vocals, bass flute and dove flute.


Lover of My Soul - Theresa Griffith

Lover of My Soul, is an intimate prophetic journey based upon the Song of Solomon. Theresa is the voice of the Bride, and worship leader Brad Braland is the voice of the Bridegroom.


Bliss - Theresa Griffith

Instruments include Chinese flute, bass flute, dove flute, double penny whistle, bamboo sax, harp, C flute, keyboards, mandolin, violin and conchshell.


Come Unto Me - Theresa Griffith

Mostly vocal tracks with string and orchestra accompaniments. Arrangements by Grammy Award Winner, Jamii Szmadzinski


Prophetic Prayers from Australia - Theresa Griffith

Prophetic Prayers from Australia is one of the most miraculous projects I've ever done. Before I left America I actually heard the CD in the spirit. When I got there I heard even more of it and my whole body was trembling. I heard God say to me, "In the time it takes to play a CD, you will record this one and that's what happened. Everyone was standing with eyes bugging out when we finished it in one sixty minute block of time. Then we actually mixed it prophetically. Every time I would think a thought about what we should do, the engineer would do the very thing I was going to say, at the same time I was going to say it!" - Theresa Griffith


Live from Hollywood - Theresa Griffith

Live from Hollywood is not your normal concert experience. Within this Healing Encounter Theresa plays six different flutes, Bamboo Sax, and Irish Harp and then sings the spontaneous love song of the Father to His Beloved Bride. Because she asks the Lord to play and sing through her, the power of His presence remains even for those who were not there for the LIVE event. This is a 2 CD set.


Fresh Visitation - Theresa Griffith

The title of this CD really sums it up! We prepared an atmosphere for Jesus to inhabit and He came in such a glorious way that people were unglued! Children were dancing in the isles with their eyes gazing up as if they could see Him! He took our breath away with the intensity of His presence and that presence was so tangible it can still be felt on the CD just as much as if you were present that night. Theresa sings powerful spontaneous scripture songs and takes you into high worship with the C Flute, Bass Flute, Native American Dove Flute and Bamboo Sax.


Peace for You at Christmas - Theresa Griffith

"Peace For You At Christmas" is a perfect title for this CD because it is so soothing, it seems to drip with liquid peace. Theresa's vocals have a soft, smoky jazz feel, a little bit like Diana Krall or Norah Jones. She also warms your heart with her many different flutes, including the C Flute, Chinese Flute, Bass Flute, Double Penny Whistle, and Bamboo Sax. Theresa is honored to have Barry Phillips on cello for this project. Barry has played with Paul McCartney. She was also blessed to have two different piano virtuosos for the recording. Jim Martinez, an incredible jazz pianist who represents Kawai Piano's exclusively and David Morrison whose playing is some of the most anointed you will ever hear. We think this collection of favorites is so full of peace, you may be tempted to play it all year! Enjoy!


Healing Music Journey DVD - Theresa Griffith

One and one half hours of beautiful music designed to sooth your soul. Breathtaking scenery from Canada, North Carolina and Michigan blend together with the music to impart a truly peace-filled experience. Also includes a LIVE Prophetic song for her beloved hometown of Muskegon, Michigan and an incredible ceremony where Theresa stands in the gap for the white race of America and asks the Odowa (Ottowa) Indians to forgive them. Theresa plays five different flutes on Healing Journey including her gold bass flute.